The Human Resource Development Council comprises three main departments, namely the Research & Projects Division; the Finance Division; and the Corporate Division.

Research & Projects Division

The Research & Projects Division is, inter alia, responsible for:

  • Initiating new training projects and special training programmes;
  • Carrying out evaluation of training programmes and the impact of training;
  • Encouraging knowledge management;
  • Conducting Sectoral studies and Training Needs Analysis; and
  • Preparing and updating the National Human Resource Development Plan.

The findings of the Research & Projects Division provide necessary inputs to the HRD Council for decision making.

Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for the management of the organisation’s finances. The Finance Division provides Council with services which increase operational efficiency, including the finalisation of the Accounts and Budget of HRDC.
The Division is also responsible for the administration and operation of the National Training Fund and, inter alia:

  • Manages the HRDC Levy / Training Grant system;
  • Advises on improvements or changes to be brought to the training incentive scheme, and implement such changes; and
  • Advises on policy matters relating to the sustainability of the National Training Fund.

Corporate Division

The Corporate Division is responsible for the general administration of the HRDC, servicing the HRD Council and committees, and looks after IT infrastructure, human resource and procurement issues.

Among the other responsibilities falling under the division include:

  • Organising public relations and communication activities;
  • Events management;
  • Procurement management;
  • Looking after security issues of the organisation;
  • Registry;
  • Legal matters;
  • Repairs and Maintenance; and
  • Looking after transport for the organisation.

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