National Human Resource Development Plan (NHRDP)

The National Human Resource Development Plan (NHRDP) is a policy framework for education, training programmes and career progression to meet the country’s skills and competence needs; it aims to promote sustained economic growth by using the available human resource effectively and by drawing on their expertise and ingenuity.

The first NHRDP was launched in April 2007 and it provided information about the skills required by the major employers and job vacancies that exist in the different sectors. It aimed at reducing the mismatches of labour supply and labour demand. Since the launch of the first edition, there has been significant development due to the dynamic economic climate. To cater for this, HRDC came up with the second edition of the NHRDP in January 2010. Given the changes which occured in the global economic climate, a special review was prepared to gauge the HR impact of the financial crisis in the local context and identify any disparity with the NHRDP 2009 figures.

A report on HR Implications for Mauritius in the context of the Global Financial Crisis was prepared in December 2009. This report came to provide changes in employment with respect to NHRDP 2009 figures in private companies operating in key economic sectors in light of the expected evolution.

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