Career talks in secondary schools

It is vital to have career information readily accessible to students. The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), in line with its function to establish linkages between the education and training systems and the workplace, was requested by the Careers Guidance Service (CGS) of the Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training to conduct career talks in secondary schools.

The main objective is to create awareness among students on the importance of thinking career and provide information on jobs and skills needs of the industry. These talks are meant to trigger the thinking process of students about career management. This initiative complements the activities of the CGS and has three components, namely:

  • Thinking career and learning to manage careers
  • Jobs and skills needs based on HRDC’s skills studies
  • Schemes at the HRDC

In this vein, the HRDC conducted career talks for more than 300 students (Grades 9 – 13) in five different schools in June 2023. An innovative element of these talks is the intervention of resource persons from different sectors to share their exposure and experience to students.

A career cube, designed to disseminate information about career through an attractive and practical way, was distributed to students. An evaluation was also carried out on the use of the career toolkits distributed in 2021.

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