Registration of Suppliers & Service Providers

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) is currently compiling a list of suppliers and service providers who wish to be registered as potential suppliers/service providers of goods, works and service mentioned hereunder:

1 Office Stationeries 16 Protective Equipment
2 IT Consultancy Services 17 Air Tickets
3 IT Equipment including Computer Software, & Consumables, Photocopiers & Printers 18 Building & Civil Engineering Works including Sound Proofing & Partitioning Works
4 Hiring of Taxi Services in Ebene Region 19 Destruction of Office Files
5 Ink, Cartridges & Toners 20 Disposal of Office Furniture/Equipment
6 Design & Printing Services 21 Painting Works
7 Office Equipment 22 Office Furniture Repairs
8 M&E Consultancy Services 23 Architectural Consultancy Services
9 Office Furniture including Cupboards, Drawers, Tables & Chairs, etc 24 Civil/Structural Engineering Consultancy Services
10 Pest Control Services 25 Signages, Signboards & Sign Plates
11 Insurance Services 26 Production of Video Clips
12 Cleaning Services 27 Event Management Services
13 Catering Services 28 Carpentry Services
14 Plumbing, Electrical & Air Conditioning, Contracting Services 29 Legal Services including Barrister, Attorney & Related Services
15 Advertising/Press Notice Services 30 Any other goods or service not listed


  • Interested parties can download the “Supplier & Service Provider Registration Form” on the HRDC Website (www.hrdc.mu) under the “Procurement” section; same can also be collected at the Reception Counter, HRDC, 4th Floor, NG Tower, Cybercity, Ebene.
  • Applicants are informed that this registration exercise neither implies any contractual obligation towards them nor entitles them to become exclusive suppliers/service providers of goods, works & services.
  • Completed forms in sealed envelopes addressed to the Director, HRDC, 4th Floor, NG Tower, Cybercity Ebene can be either hand – delivered at or posted.
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